Mondays Are Cancelled

No.1 in Electronica (global)
No.1 in Tech House (global)
No.3 in Deep Tech (global)
No. 19 in Lounge (global)
No. 23 in Deep House (global)
on in 2022

NEW RELEASE “IDM Concerto Act 1-13”
Drops 16 Sep 2022 at All Outlets

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New Downtempo & Chill Releases in 2022

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Also New Releases 2021

Severely Glitched Experimental Side 1 & 2

Created during lockdown, this project reports my personal experience through glitched (severely) music, as a metaphor for what the world felt like. You can read about the project, how I created the music, and listen to all tracks here.

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Molo Africa (Album)

Molo Africa Album

South Africa Meets Berlin Deep House

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When You’re Gone From Me

EP Released by Kung Fu Dub Recordings (Sweden)

Made In Berlin

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About Me

Mondays Are Cancelled, also known by his real name, Steve Freedom, is a musician, composer, producer, DJ, and performing artist.

Steve is well known in the dance music scene in Europe, Australia, South Africa and India, and is well regarded by thousands of peers and fans as a first rate entertainer, inspired with a passion for people and presenting one-time-performances of electronica ‘in the moment’.

Steve Freedom learned to play violin from age 7, later adding guitars and piano to his mix. Steve also studied Jazz Harmony and Arrangement and Theory of African Rhythms under tutelage of Mike Campbell at the University of Cape Town. His formal training ended well into his 20’s with world-renowned vibraphone virtuoso, Merton Barrow of The Jazz Workshop, Cape Town.

A student of improvisation, Steve is part of a select group of modern day Musicians able to step-up to paint an original musical portrait starting with a clear canvas and a demanding dance floor. Each performance is an exclusive one-time show. 

Uniquely the first ever DJ to play using only Native Instruments Maschine Live at Bar 25 (Berlin, July 2010), today Steve Freedom is the only DJ who plays two Maschines Live (stand-alone, without decks/CDJs). He has accumulated thousands of hours of technical skill in a range of styles from Industrial Techno to Tech-House, Deep House and Downtempo. And when the occasion demands it, he compliments his one-of-a-kind setup with a Nord Stage 3 and or iPad.


Steve has been seen performing live in cities like Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, New Delhi, Sydney, Cape Town and many more, alongside Dj’s like Jake The Rapper (Bar 25), Charlie Delhom (Safari Numerique), Rainer Serrat (Serialism Records), Chack Besh (manage8), Andre Wakko (Tonkind), Boogleman (H.E.R.B.), Sese (Bar 25), Dirty Doering (Bar 25), Empro (Bar 25) and Hippie Stress (Bachstelzen). at venues like Bar 25 (Berlin), Wilde Renata (Berlin), ZMF (Berlin), Club Maria (Berlin), Belushis (Paris). Steve collaborates with underground rainmakers like Ricardo Ferreira (Tonkind, Orphic Records, Chameleon Records), Andre Wakko (Tonkind, Kindisch Records, Britta Arnold & Philip Bader), Mama- Simone (Ohne Vertrag), Yannick Robins (Riot Riot Technique rec., Liftyourheadup Rec.), Sander Markey (Indie), Marcela Donato (Cia de Danca da Cidade, Lia Rodrigues, Clébio Oliveira and Dani Lim) and many more great artists in the global dance music scene.

In 2009 Steve topped the Soundclick charts with seven (7) number #1 hits across multiple dance music genres and 2010 saw Steve play many well-known clubs and venues in Berlin and reach number #1 on the Berlin Dance music charts on Reverbnation, the world’s largest Indie Music website with over 3 million musicians, labels and venues.

In 2011 Steve performed live at Bar 25 closing. He lived and worked in Berlin from 2010 to 2015 and became a resident DJ at one of Berlin’s longest standing venues, Club Maria, playing the famous ‘Mondays-Off’.

When parents’ illnesses arose in late 2015, he returned to Cape Town to help his brothers with the duty of securing frail care and the slow nudge of independent parents into an old age facility. During this difficult period, in early 2016, Steve Freedom founded South Africa’s only month-long music festival, Kaya Music Festival, in Plettenberg Bay. He moved between Berlin and Cape Town in 2017 and 2018 in pursuit of his music aspirations, playing gigs and collaborating during European summers and producing during South Africa’s summers – and then in 2019 the Pandemic struck.

Steve also performed in Goa, Mamalapuram and New Delhi, India, at TLR ‘The Living Room” during 2011, alongside Tiago Oudman (The Bastards, Portugal), Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglauben, Berlin) and Hippie Stress (Bachstelzen, Berlin).

In 2013, the well loved and established Swedish label ‘Kung Fu Dub Recordings’ published the release of his EP “When You’re Gone From Me”, Mastered by Helmut Erler, (Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin), with remixes by John Gham and Nick Staff.

Unable to play Berlin and beyond because of the Pandemic, Steve Freedom has produced and released more than a hundred original tracks over the past twelve months under the title “Mondays Are Cancelled” and regularly features in the top 10 on Mixcloud in Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House and Minimal where he claimed No.1 in Electronica and No.1 in Tech-House Global charts during 2022.

During lockdown he rigged his motorcycle with a battery powered speaker and DJ-controller and travelled to many informal settlements and townships in South Africa to give “hope through music” to the people of his country of birth.


Steve has performed at clubs and parties in and around Cape Town including the world-famous Shimmy Beach Club. In July 2022 he was invited to Lead Resident DJ at Cape Town’s new Industrial Techno club, “Galbi”, The highly-demanded venue will open to the public from late 2022 and is being touted as the city’s first LGBQT+ hard-style Techno destination. Steve is performing for select audiences during the run-up to opening night and is jointly responsible for creating the inclusive culture and safe-space that will help make the club a first of its kind for South Africa.

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