Mondays Are Cancelled

the artist also known as Steve Freedom



07/31 New Album Release


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Severely Glitched by Mondays Are Cancelled

Double Album, 25 Tracks

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About Me

Mondays Are Cancelled is the artist also known as Steve Freedom, a musician, composer, producer, DJ, and performing artist. Steve is well known in the underground dance music scene in Europe, Australia, South Africa and India. Regarded by his peers and fans as a first rate entertainer, he loves presenting one-time-performances of music ‘in the moment’. Steve Freedom learned to play violin from age 7, later adding guitars and piano to his mix. Steve also studied Jazz Harmony and Arrangement and Theory of African Rhythms under tutelage of Mike Campbell at the University of Cape Town. His formal training ended well into his 20’s with world-renowned vibraphone virtuoso, Merton Barrow of The Jazz Workshop, Cape Town. Today Steve performs internationally but mainly in and around Berlin. Steve’s greatest gift is his ability to improvise electronic music from scratch, in real-time, and without any pre-made or pre-loaded loops.

A master of improvisation, Steve is part of a select group of modern day Musicians able to step-up to paint an original musical portrait starting with a clear canvas and a demanding dance floor. Each performance is an exclusive one-time show. Labels: Kung Fu Dub Recordings; Second Soul Records

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